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"Steve is professional yet approachable... and is a great mentor to children of all ages" - Jennifer

I have known Steve Payne since 2009 as martial arts coach to my three daughters. He has been consistently professional, yet approachable, which put each of my daughters at ease in learning new skills during their time at the club.

I noticed an improvement in their physical strength and reaction times, and also appreciated the energy release and anxiety/ stress relief that followed each session.

Steve's ability to share his martial arts experience and knowledge has allowed my daughters to enjoy expanding their own kickboxing; in particular Brazilian jiujitsu capabilities.

Their regular commitment to a vocation learnt in a safe environment has taught them the positive values of dedication, determination, teamwork and organisation.

Steve is a great mentor to children of all ages within the club. He encourages personal development and has helped to instil the importance of discipline, focus, tolerance and fairness in my daughters.

The invaluable life skills which they have learnt from him will stand them in good stead for other future endeavours.



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